Advanced Placement Program

Walnut Grove Secondary School is pleased to offer a rigorous Advanced Placement (AP) Program.  AP is a program of enrichment and acceleration that allows motivated students to begin their university studies while in secondary school and helps students pursue challenging intellectual activities while developing higher level thinking skills, such as independent study, research, analysis of knowledge, subject enrichment and sociological implications of the various areas of study.  Upon successful completion of an AP course, students will have an opportunity to write the AP exam.  Depending on the exam result, students may have the option to receive credit for a first-year university course.

We are proud to announce that WGSS is one of approximately 1,000 schools worldwide selected to implement AP Capstone™—an innovative diploma program that allows students to develop the skills that matter most for college success: research, collaboration, and communication. The program consists of two courses taken in sequence: AP® Seminar and AP Research.  WGSS will be offering AP Capstone Seminar 11 in the fall of 2017, and then AP Capstone Research 12 the following year.  For more general information about the AP Capstone program, please visit the College Board website.

May 6, 2020


Here is a timeline and information for all students who are taking AP exams this coming week:

Now·         Complete the AP Exam day checklist   

·         Complete the 2020 AP Exam demo before the test

·         Verify their email address

Two days before each examLocate their e-ticket for each AP Exam
On AP exam dayCheck in 30 minutes before exam start time

 You should also:

  • Here is the 2020 AP Testing Guide(.pdf/10.37 MB) and watch the overview video. The comprehensive guide will help you through exam preparation, and the video gives a high-level overview of this year’s exams.
  • Students should use their e-ticket ONLY for the exams they intend to take. Students should NOT click-through the e-ticket for any subjects that they don’t wish to take, regardless of registration/cancellation status.
  • Here are the required and recommended resource list to review so you know what resources you can use and how to access them during the exam.
  • Students are to review these resources to get ready for exam day.


March 10, 2020

Parents of students in AP courses,

Please have your child double check their MyAP account at:

(Also, AP Teachers have a list, and it is posted in the front foyer) to verify what exams they are writing. If students are NOT writing, they need to double check their name/status. EDGE students need to indicate if their trip in May overlaps with any exams, and a different exam needs to be ordered. Lastly, any cancellations, or additions will incur a $50 fee. Please contact Ms. Fraser with any questions or concerns. Please confirm your status by Thursday, March 12th.


Students will now be required to join each AP Class Section they are enrolled in at WGSS. For example, if a student’s timetable has AP Biology, AP Statistics and AP Psychology they will need to enroll in all three classes on their MyAP account. It is important they remember their MyAP sign in information as it is required for ordering AP Exams. DEADLINE TO ORDER EXAMS IS NOVEMBER 15. In addition to this, they will receive their personalized registration labels (AP ID labels) used for the exams. A handout and information will be provided to students on their first day of classes and they will be led through this process. Click here for the AP Instructions for Student Joining Course Section. For any questions or concerns please email the AP teacher or Lisa Marie Fraser at

  1. All AP students are required to join EACH class section  – this will require a course name and code (teachers will provide this information on the first day of class)
  2. Students will be asked to provide registration information. It is important they remember their MyAP sign in information as it is required for ordering AP Exams.

Walnut Grove Secondary offers the following AP courses (for more information about each course, please consult the subject department page and the course planning guide):
– AP Biology
– AP Calculus
– AP Capstone Research
– AP Capstone Seminar
– AP Chemistry
– AP Computer Science Principles
– AP English Language and Composition
– AP English Literature and Composition
– AP European History
– AP French Language and Culture
– AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics
– AP Physics 1
– AP Physics 2
– AP Psychology
– AP Studio Art 2-D Design
– AP Statistics

Why take AP?
– Be challenged and inspired with a subject area you are passionate about
– Experience university-level studies at WGSS
– Develop skills, abilities and knowledge that will prepare you for university and beyond

Why take AP Capstone?
Developed in direct response to feedback from higher education faculty and college admission officers, AP Capstone complements the in-depth, subject-specific study of other Advanced Placement® courses and exams. Students who earn scores of 3 or higher on AP Seminar and AP Research assessments and on four additional AP Exams of their choosing will earn the AP Capstone Diploma™. This signifies their outstanding academic achievement and attainment of college-level academic and research skills. Students who earn scores of 3 or higher on both AP Seminar and AP Research assessments only (but not on four additional AP Exams) will earn the AP Seminar and Research Certificate™.

AP Scholar Awards
The AP Program offers several AP Scholar Awards to recognize high school students who have demonstrated university-level achievement through AP courses and exams.  The AP grading scale for each exam is 1-5.
AP Scholar: Granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP Exams
AP Scholar with Honour: Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams
AP Scholar with Distinction: Granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exam
AP National Scholar: Granted to students in Canada who receive an average score of at least 4 on all AP Exams taken, and score of 4 or higher on five of more of these exams

For more general information about the AP program, please consult the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents.

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