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The Capstone is a culminating project, presentation, or performance that allows students the opportunity to consolidate and showcase the learning from the school and life experience into a meaningful and relevant product.  Students will use innovation, cross-curricular knowledge, and critical thinking skills in an area of interest as the basis for the project, which is applicable to a real world concept.

Attendance Requirements


  • Students taking Capstone in regular block rotation will be expected to attend classes as it falls on the daily schedule.
  • Students are not expected to attend Capstone on Fridays, unless otherwise directed by their teacher


  • Students taking Capstone during Flex periods will be required to attend class EVERY Tues/Wed during Flex time
  • You will not have any Flex Choice on Tues/Wed.  This means Capstone takes priority.  Other teachers may not hold you for Flex during your scheduled Capstone days,


  • WGSS Capstone Student Package

MyBluePrint (Resume, Budget Resources)

Resume, Cover Letter & Reference

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