CLC 11/Capstone 12


Mr. Bertoia –
Ms. Daniwall –
Mr. Hendricks –
Ms. Jefferson –
Ms. Kelly-
Ms. McKay –
Mr. Pyper –
Mr. Radford  –
Ms. Robinson –
Mr. Sedo –
Ms. Stubbings –


 The Capstone is a culminating project, presentation, or performance that allows students the opportunity to consolidate and showcase the learning from the school and life experience into a meaningful and relevant product.  Students will use innovation, cross-curricular knowledge, and critical thinking skills in an area of interest as the basis for the project, which is applicable to a real world concept.



Students taking Capstone in regular block rotation will be expected to attend classes as it falls on the daily schedule.

Students are not expected to attend Capstone on Fridays, unless otherwise directed by their teacher


Students taking Capstone during Flex periods will be required to attend class EVERY Tues/Wed during Flex time

You will not have any Flex Choice on Tues/Wed.  This means Capstone takes priority.  Other teachers may not hold you for Flex during your scheduled Capstone days,


Capstone 12 Student Packages & Outlines


Career Life Connections (CLC) 11

Following initial marking, all CLC projects may be re-submitted one time to increase your mark.




Important Dates & Deadlines

Each component must be submitted by the following dates

  • OCT4:  Personal Profile
  • OCT 4: Resume
  • OCT 11: Cover Letter
  • OCT 24: Post Secondary Plans A&B
  • OCT 24: Budget
  • NOV 8: Reference Letter
  • NOV 8: Goal Setting
  • NOV 15: PSI Information Sessions Reflection
  • NOV 15: Proof of 30H Work/Volunteer Hours


Diploma Verifications with Counsellors in Library


  • Oct 15 – Robinson & Radford
  • Oct 16 – Pyper & McKay
  • Oct 17 – Beroia & Jefferson
  • Oct 18 – Hendricks


  • Oct 15: Kelly (2-3)
  • Oct 16:  Sedo (1-2), Daniwell (1-1), Henderson (1-3)
  • Oct 22: Stubbings (1-3)
  • Oct 23: 2-3 (Dickson)


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