Our English Language Learning classes are designed to ensure our students have the support they need to become more proficient in reading, writing and communicating in English; and become more successful in each provincial exam courses. In September, we test all of our ELL students to make sure they are placed in the right support Level. We look at comprehension skills, vocabulary, and writing skills. At that time, a student may test out of the ELL program based on their mark for the combined ELL tests given and their marks in their regular classes. Each student is assessed on their individual effort.

At Walnut Grove Secondary, students are not required to take all of the ELL courses listed above. Each student is assessed independently through the ELL testing procedure as well as on their performance in their regular classes. The ELL program is a placement program, students will be enrolled in the classes that best support his or her educational needs.


Building Communication Skills Building Vocabulary Skills in Content Areas Developing Skills in Academic Writing Strengthening Academic Writing
ELL Communication Skills  (all grades)

ELL Social Studies – Introduction to Academic Success

ELL English – Building Communication Skills

ELL Science – Introduction to Science Concepts

ELL Drama (focus on oral communication) regular math and electives








ELL Content Area Skill Building – (all grades)

ELL Social Studies – Building Writing Skills in Social Studies

ELL English – Introduction to Writing Skills in Content Areas

ELL Science – Introduction to Science 10 Concepts (grade 10 science prep – will be able to write the provincial at teacher discretion for Science 10 credit)

ELL Acting 11 (if needed)

regular math and electives



ELL Writing Support (grade 8, 9, and 10)

ELL Writing 8/9

English Language Development – writing, reading and communication skills for grade 8 and 9.

ELL Writing 10

English language Development – reading, writing, and communication focusing on the Grade 10 Provincial Exam for grade 10 students

regular Social Studies

regular English

regular math

regular science

and electives


ELL Writing Support (grade 11/12 students)

ELL Writing 11

regular Social Studies

regular English

regular math

regular science

and electives












The ELL Drama and ELL Acting 11 courses prepare English Language Learners for oral presentations. Speaking English takes practice and many ELL students are nervous about speaking in public because or errors in pronunciation. These Drama classes address pronunciation and will provide much needed opportunities to practice speaking in a safe and comfortable environment.

The ELL Science – Introduction to Science 10 Concepts (Grade 10 Science preparation) caters to Grade 10 students who are not yet ready for the heavy load of Science 10, but will take it in their next year or in Summer School. (The teacher may decide the student is strong enough to take the Science 10 Provincial and if that is the case they will get credit for Science 10).

The ELL Writing 8/9 program will support grade 8 and 9 students in reading comprehension and strengthening their writing skills.

The ELL Writing 10 course will support grade 10 students in reading comprehension, synthesis, and skills needed to successfully complete the English 10 Provincial Exam. These students may be given Level 4 credit if they have taken ELL Writing 8/9 already.

ELL Writing 11 provides additional support to grade 11 and 12 students who still need to strengthen their writing skills in order to improve their marks in English. This course would help those students destined for University, but still continue to struggle in writing and reading skills.


Students are placed according to their grade level and their prior math class assessments. If a student wishes to move ahead in math, that is a discussion they must have with their math teacher after an appropriate time has passed where the math teacher has had time to assess the student. After grade 10 math, students can decide to enter the Pre-Calculus stream.


Social Studies

Social Studies 11 is the final social studies class required to meet BC graduation requirements.  Students can continue in the Social Studies stream through choices in History, Law, Social Justice, Global Education, and Psychology in Grade 12.



Students in Walnut Grove choose from a wide variety of electives based on their personal interests and their future career choices.


Language Labs and FLEX

All ELL students are required to attend FLEX, either with their classroom teacher or with an ELL instructor. Students who require more assistance in English language learning will be instructed to attend specific tutorials focusing on their individual needs.

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