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If the Arts are the Soul of Education, then Music is its voice.  There are many exciting opportunities to explore music at WGSS.  Our Ensembles are consistently recognized with Gold standings at festivals, and we’ve toured from Hawaii to Cuba!

Our music courses are whole year, and are the gateway to continued opportunities in future grades.  At the grade 8 level, we offer Band 8 and Vocal Studies 8 in the timetable, while Concert Choir and Drumline (think the drum section of a marching band) are offered as extended day classes.  All Band 8 students can also sign up for Jazz Band 8 (extended day), which builds on the skills learned in Band 8 to explore more jazz/rock styles of music.

All of these courses continue up into more advanced levels in the following years, including  Chamber Choir and Vocal Jazz (both auditioned).Two levels of Music Composition & Technology –a mixture of theory, harmony, and musicianship in practical application of composition- are also available. Starting at the Grade 10 level, there are 2 levels of guitar offered: Guitar 1 is for beginning and less experienced students interested in learning to play the guitar, while Guitar 2 is for experienced guitarists interested in continuing their study of the instrument.

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Art 8 is a foundational art course that introduces students to an array of skills in drawing, painting, art history, and sculpture. Students can choose either full-year Art or “Survey” which equates to one term of Art during their grade 8 year.

At the Grade 9 (or later) level, students can choose to take Art Foundations 10 or Ceramics 10.

Ceramics 10 is a fun, dynamic, hands- on, skill building course that teaches the primary techniques for working with clay. Students learn and develop the ability to make and create an assortment of different projects in this course, and can be expanded upon in Ceramics 11.

In Art Foundations 10, focuses on drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking, which will lead to Art Foundations 11 and 12 at the senior level. An alternate avenue is the 2D focused Drawing and Painting 11 and 12 courses which can be taken after Art Foundations 10.

For Grade 10, in addition to the above listed courses, students may choose to take Photography 11;  immersing themselves in the B&W film practices of the darkroom and where they learn the basics of operating a digital camera. From Photo 11, students can continue on to Photography 12 where they learn about modern photographic practices, experimental photographic techniques and related technologies like photo editing and career opportunities. Or, can continue onto Yearbook 11 (and 12) where they are in charge of: cover design, layout/spread, editorial writing, graphics, photography and the overall assembly of the 200+ page WGSS Yearbook.

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The Drama program at WGSS is based on 4 Principals of Acting:  Cooperation, Concentration, Trust and Self Control.  In the Junior grades, students have the opportunity to work through these Principals using Scene work, Monologues, Improvisation, Readers Theatre, Mime and Voice Units.

Drama 8 is within the timetable..  Students are encouraged to take risks in class, to participate fully and to enjoy themselves in a fun, energetic environment.  At the Grade 9 level, students have two choices of courses – they can enroll in Drama 9 and/or Musical Theatre 9 to be a part of our annual Main Stage Production..

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