Lockers at WGSS

Grade 8 students will be assigned their lockers during homeroom on Tuesday, September 3rd.

Grade 9-12 students will be assigned lockers using our online locker management system:

To access the website, and get a locker, you will use the following information:

User ID = WGSS Student Number

Password = Birthdate (YYYYMMDD – Example: January 2nd, 2004 = 20040102)

Our online locker management system will allow students to first login according to the following schedule. Once a student chooses their locker, they will not be able to change it.

The online management system opens on the days, at the time, noted below:

  • Wednesday, August 28th – 8:00am – Gator Quality Ambassadors (GQs)
  • Thursday, August 29th – 12:00pm –  Grade 12’s (full and top lockers)
  • Friday, August 30th – 8:00am – Grade 9s bottom lockers
  • Saturday, August 31st – 8:00am – Grade 11s top and bottom lockers
  • Sunday, September 1st – 8:00am- Grade 10s top and bottom lockers

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