Student Council

2016-2017 Student Council


Gr 12 RepKelli Burns
Gr 12 RepTracy Zhou
Gr 11 RepIrene Joo
Gr 11 RepTallie Latourneau
Gr 11 RepMax Lee
Gr 10 RepUna Chang
Gr 10 RepDaniel Kim
Gr 10 RepJoshua Park
Gr 9 RepIndie Bateman
Gr 9 RepVincent Gow
Gr 9 RepClara Joo
Gr 8 RepAlan Cho
Gr 8 RepKevin Zhang
Gr 8 RepAryan Kaul
ELL RepTina Tao
SecretaryElysia Park
Teacher SponsorMr Radford
Teacher SponsorMs. Kelly

Structure of the Council

Your WGSS student council is made up of 18 elected representatives and strives to make your school a more fun, entertaining, and inviting place by organizing a wide variety of events that focus on improving the student culture in the school.

The student council is responsible for approving and overseeing all events within the school.  If your club or organization is wanting to run an event, they will need to apply for permission from the council.  Details of this process can be found on

The council is led by the student body president and vice-president. Each grade has 3 grade reps that sit at the table. The council works closely with all leadership groups in the school providing assistance in a variety of way.

Events We Run

  • Walnut Grove Family Feud
  • Walnut Grove’s Got Talent
  • Wonderful Week of Christmas
  • MatchMaker
  • Rent a Senior
  • Lip Sync Competitions
  • Video Game Tournament
  • Eating Contests
  • Open Mic Nights

How to Get Involved

All grade reps for Student Council are elected into their position during the annual elections. However if you have an idea for a school initiative, event, or opportunity that you feel would be good for our school, you are encouraged to talk to your grade rep and have it brought to the Council’s attention. We meet every Monday at 3:00pm in the Room 241.  Guests are welcome to see how the Council operates.

Walnut Grove Secondary

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V1M 2N7
Phone: 604-882-0220
Fax: 604-882-0557